Red Dead Redemption

When you see a game by Rockstar Games you know its going to be good. For the uninitiated were talking the makers of Grand Theft Auto. As with the GTA series this is of epic proportion and boasts hours of gameplay.

I’ve played for well over 20 hours now and there’s still loads and loads to do.

It does suffer from the usual monotony of Rockstars GTA series in that you get a bit bored of getting from A to B. This is accelerated by using a campsite where you can fast travel to different locations.

It’s not one for the animal lovers as part of the game is shooting and skinning anything that moves, from your trusty but dead steed to a blood thirsty wolf.

I’ll keep this brief as a simple Red Dead Redemption search will bring up countless reviews, but if you want to stretch out that hard earned cash then £40 will give you a lot of gameplay.

7.5 Out of 10


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